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About Flint Stephens Writing Services
I worked as a journalist, an editor, an international business executive and a financial adviser. I earned a bachelor's degree in journalism and a master's degree in communications. I have a Series 65 securities license and a Utah insurance license.

I have professional media and management experience. As a former editor at several newspapers, I know the types of stories media members want. I sill write regularly for publications like The Deseret News, KSL, Familyshare.com, Cabela's Outfitter Journal, and more. I thoroughly understand the media industry.

I understand politics at all levels. I’ve interviewed presidential candidates and I’ve sat through five-hour school board meetings. I’ve negotiated with members of the Supreme Soviet.

I maintain several web sites and produce the content. I understand Search Engine Optimization, key words, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, the use of social media and more.

II currently work in the financial industry. I started as a writer and editor for The Ruff Times, which at the time had the largest circulation of any investment newsletter in the world. I primarily focus on understanding complex investment strategies and tools and explaining them in clear, concise writing that people with limited investment experience can understand. 

I am a skilled photographer. I trained as a photojournalist. My photos have appeared in magazines, newspapers and calendars. I’ve shot everything from presidential press conferences, to weddings, to landscapes and murder scenes.

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